Management Committee

Our management committee consists of :- Executive Director Dani Chan
Directors – Mom Mai, Cheanet Soun, Alan Cordory, Jim Elliott and Bridget Cordory

Dani Chan grew up in Battanbang Province and moved to Siem Reap for employment. She volunteered at Grace House from the day it opened and is devoted to improving the lives of the children and families. 

Mom Mai and Cheanet Soun are parents who live in the local community, their skills and preceptions of village life help to keep Grace House focused on local needs

Jim Elliott is the Managing Director of Globalteer  and founder of Grace House Community Centre. Jim spends several months a year in Cambodia

Alan Cordory retired from the UK civil service where he was Head of Health, Safety and Environment for the Royal Air Force. After volunteering with Globalteer he fell in love with Cambodia and saw the great need for vocational training

Bridget Cordory has a background in social work, disabilities, art and community development. She has worked in local government as a care needs assessor, with MIND (mental health charity), taught English as a second language and art in community education. She volunteered with husband Alan, and on returning to Cambodia volunteered to manage Grace House 

Jim and Dani

 Jim and Dani





  Mom and Net  Mom and Net

Bridget and Alan





                                                                                                                                                                     Bridget and Alan

The Team

 Teachers – Head teacher Loung,  Teachers Rattanak, Sophea, Salas, Rongla and SreyPich

The teachers, under Loung's leadership, are a committed team, focused on providing the best education possible the children. They study English and university degrees to improve their skills.


Disability Services – Social Worker Dani, 



Dani leads a team dedicated to providing hands on support to the families.

                   Family support team at Grace House

Vocational Training – Director Alan, Instructor Sophol and electricians Tina, Pheatra and Phouny.

Alan and Sophol train electricians and the qualified staff are busy rewiring family homes. 


Vocational training staff at Grace House


Administration - Project Manager Bridget, Office Manager Seedeth, Computer and Library officer Tola and Admin Assistant Mali.


The team that takes care of the day to day running of Grace House.


                 Administration staff at Grace House



 Grace Gecko Project – Manager Sophors and weavers. Skilled women instructed by Sopeak who produce the wonderful items Grace House sells. 

Cooks, cleaners and gardeners - Heng, Nge, Rye who keep the centre clean and prepare a delicious lunch for staff, volunteers and children at the lunch club. Chantan and Yiv the gardeners keep the weeds at bay and grow vegetables for the kitchen.





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