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Geographically serving 3 villages situated between Siem Reap town and the Tonle Sap Lake. These villages are rural communities that rely mainly on subsistence fishing or farming to make their living. Some of the children's parents have a market stall and a few are rubbish collectors, tuk tuk or moto drivers.
Many of the children who attend Grace House live in houses made of palm leaves. These houses have a lifespan of approximately one year before the roof needs replacing; the families often cannot afford to repair the palm leaves so we help them when we can.
There is no running water so the villagers use water pumps to draw water from the ground. This water needs to be boiled or filtered before drinking to make it safe. We are trying to provide water filters to the poorer families. These families are often poorly educated and do not realise the importance of clean drinking water.
Often several families have to share one toilet and a water pump. Most families use wood for cooking as few can afford charcoal. Electricity is very expensive in Cambodia so many families use a car battery for their lighting, which is recharged at the village recharging shop.
Many of our children have no parents caring for them and are being raised by extended family or in some cases neighbours. This causes the extra burden of more mouths to feed. We help the poorest of these families with donations of rice.




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