Achievements in 2014

  • Constructed “Preahkoun House” a small group home providing transitional and respite care to children with physical/intellectual disabilities.
  • Secured 1 year corporate funding from a major UK company for:-

  • School drop out prevention - support high school students by providing school uniforms, school supplies, funding additional lessons and employing a social worker to work with the families and schools

  • Life Skills for our high school aged students - employ an expat teacher to develop the curriculum, new English language text books.

  • Day centre for Children with Disabilities - full running costs and an expat special needs teacher to train staff and develop curriculum

  • Scholarship for this years university students and funds towards living costs for vocational training electrician students 


    Held regular meetings with parents explaining our goals and building partnerships 


  • Awarded 3rd yr funding for computer classes in evenings



Aims for 2015

  • Develop the residential service for children with disabilities to meet the needs of families


  • Provide an additional classroom and teacher for High School aged students so we can teach a 2 yr age range throughout the school. Currently the Elephant and Monkey class spans from 12 - 16 years



  • Provide Grace Gecko with a larger workshop 



  • Built a classroom for the children with disabilities








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